A Legendary Event

Meeting a Green Bay legend is a special occasion for any Packers fan, but spending three days with not one, but three Super Bowl champions—watching the game with them, sharing meals, getting a behind-the-curtains glimpse into team culture—well now that’s pretty much a dream come true. And it happens to be what 34 lucky fans got to experience this season with the Lodge Kohler Legends Getaway package.

Guests kicked off their Legends Getaway at our Taverne in the Sky with wide receiver James Jones, watching a Thursday night game against Seattle. Jones, who caught 5 passes for 50 in Super Bowl XLV, made his way throughout the room spending time with each guest. In the fourth quarter, guests got an unexpected treat when three-time World Champion and hall-of-fame linebacker Dave Robinson made a surprise appearance and watched the rest of the game with them.

Jones and Robinson were joined by fellow Super Bowl champ Dorsey Levens for a Friday evening happy hour event, which followed with an intimate conversation with James Jones, current running back Aaron Jones, and former fullback and crowd-favorite John Kuhn. The moderated conversation gave guests an inside look at what goes on both on and off the field.

Throughout it all, the one thing that most impressed those in attendance was how much of a family bond Green Bay players share, regardless of when they played for the team. Once a Packer, always a Packer. And for the guests of the legendary package, they went home with memories that they will treasure always.

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